22 July 2013


After a fun-filled saturday with friends at Bristol Zoo's open-air film night and some well deserved mama time checking out Something Else with the lovely Oyster & Pearl and Little Green Shed, we decided to end the weekend on a high note with a bit of day trippin'.

Ever since our dear friends have mentioned their adventures in Woolacombe, I've been eager to discover it for myself. Only two hours down the motorway this beach promises stretches of white sands, cute colourful beach huts and hearty fish 'n' chips – how could I resist – we bundled in the car and headed south. 

As we negotiated our way through the bikini clad masses we found a small space at the bottom of a sand bank, in the hopes we might find shelter from the blazing sun. F was delighted and I felt myself unwind in the sea air. We spent the whole day digging holes, fetching sea water, jumping waves, spotting jellyfish, eating ice creams, squashing sand castles, catching up with a friend and watching the older kids body board.

We set off late back to Bristol, with an exhausted boy snoring from the back seat covered in a mixture of suntan lotion and sand. I lifted him out of the car and he wrapped his small arms around my neck and I nuzzled his salty hair, glad to have given him this day.



  1. Ahhhh, my home stomping ground, it's where I grew up. I'd recognise that beach with my eyes closed I reckon ;)

    I'm quite new to your blog and i'm smitten!

    Lia x

    1. Hi Lia, sorry for my super late reply! Blogger has been acting a bit crazy :) Yes it was a super day at the beach. You must have loved playing there as a kid. Thanks for the lovely words x



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