10 July 2013


We all have that one special childhood friend, you know who I'm talking about: the one who always covered for you, the one who fought your battles and had your back, the one who shared all your secrets, the one who built a fort with you in the woods, the one who you turn to when everything goes tits up. That special bond stretching a lifetime, the honorary brother/sister. 

Well here is mine. Her name is Gayle and she's making the 498 mile round trip to come visit.

I was five when my mum first thrust me into a playdate with the girl across the road from my nanna's house. I was this duffel coat wearing, blonde skinny thing with an aussie accent and she was this wild haired, green eyed, free spirit full of adventure. Twenty eight years on and we still love, laugh, dance and occasionally argue about about that grey plastic Ewok. 

We're planning on hanging out, talking rubbish, playing with F, drinking cocktails and dancing like it's roller disco circa '92.


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