27 June 2013


I have always been keen to educate F on the delights of food and was spurred on even more when I read French Children Don't Throw Food. I discovered the curious toddlers across the channel were sampling fine cheeses such as Camenbert and Bleu d'Auvergne and *NEWS FLASH* not only surviving the experience, but enjoying it. 

I went through the whole weening stage pureeing every thing in sight to try and cultivate a seasoned palate in my small friend; I wasn't quite brave enough to try baby led weaning after a small choking incident. The outcome is a kid that will pretty much try anything but certainly has an opinion about what he won't eat. For example avocados are a big no in our house at the moment, even the smallest amount can be detected in its trojan dish and there's only so many times I can pretend that F is a giant and the broccoli on his plate is in fact a tiny tree.

Are the hours I spend letting F help prepare dinner and making food fun worth it, or will he run for the first fast food joint as soon as he hits 15? To continue this exploration of food and much to the annoyance of our local grocers, I spend time letting F touch and smell the fruit or vegetables when we are shopping, asking him questions about the colour and texture, basically pawing it for the next person to buy (sorry). If this is a way to lead him to have a healthy relationship with food when older, and by healthy I mean happy, then I'll readily take that scornful look from the lady reaching in for a peach after us.


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