25 June 2013

A Good Book // The Incredible Book Eating Boy

After a combined week of forced fasting and F's fierce love of reading, The Incredible Book Eating Boy seemed the perfect choice for this weeks good book. I remember first discovering Oliver Jeffers in our favourite second hand bookshop. It was a hazy warm sunday in 2005 as we bumbled around hungover, sipping coffee in my local neighbourhood of Stoke Newington. A small blue book peeked up from a low shelf, money was exchanged and since then I have steadily added his books to our shelves. 

I joke with F that he used to eat books. He chuckles, rolls his eyes (he's learnt that one from me) and shouts 'No I didn't' whilst we turn the pages. I then show him the bite size chunk missing from the back cover, he narrows his eyes and tests my poker face before I relent and laugh. This is a super story of a boy who devours books and discovers his love of learning, a great life lesson to pass onto any kid - although not the eating books bit.


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